My all time favourite TV series is M*A*S*H, a comedy/drama centred around the doctors and nurses of the 4077th M*A*S*H unit during the Korean War. The series was so popular that it outlasted the duration of the 3 year war, spanning 11 seasons and 251 episodes.

The strong characterisation and story lines presented thought provoking themes that provide an ideal platform for lessons on life and leadership. Whether you are a fan of the show or not, I'm sure you will connect with my leadership insights from M*A*S*H.

LEADING FROM THE TRENCHES features bite-sized, candid insights that speak into the gritty space of leadership through the eyes of a fellow leader seeking to "lead with all diligence" (Romans 12:8).

Friday, November 30, 2012

Unity In Adversity

Episode 25:  Divided We Stand

General:    You had a mission here, Captain.
Hildebrand: I’ve done it.  I can give you your report.  In my short stay here, I have seen textbook examples of neuroses, psychoses.  I have seen voyeurism, fetishism and a few “isms” I’ve never even heard of.  And let me tell you this, General:  these impossible people are in an impossible place doing totally impossible work.  They’re mad, quite mad, all of them, and the only act I can think of that would be madder still would be breaking them up.

General Clayton sends a psychiatrist on a secret mission to the 4077 to assess whether the stress of war is having an adverse effect.  Concerned by the possibility of the unit being broken up, Colonel Blake tries to get the troops to be on their best behaviour.

There have been seasons of leadership when I have most valued having a team who have shared the burden that comes with leading through difficult circumstances.  As I reflect upon these times of adversity when we have faced seemingly impossible challenges, it was the unity of the team that enabled us to overcome such adversity.  When teams are united in adversity, there is clarity of purpose when the way seems unclear.  When teams are united in adversity, there is cohesion between leaders when others are divided.  When teams are united in adversity, there is confidence in shared wisdom and experience instead of insecurity.  Staying united during times of adversity reveals an unshakeable resilience that makes the impossible seem possible, empowering leaders to overcome their circumstances instead of being overwhelmed by them.

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